Max Kuszaj

Freeskiing / B.A.S.E.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: Click Here
Motto: “Hey! Look at me!” Shane McConkey

Max lives his life outside of the box and outside the norm. He jumps off cliffs and flies through the air. He lives to ski down steep mountains and lay tracks in deep snow. For Max, life is an adventure every day… an opportunity to experience things we’re told are not humanly possible. But every day we prove them wrong.

Max has been freeskiing and BASE jumping professionally for almost 10 years. He has gone to the greatest highs, the greatest lows, the most beautiful places on earth, and gathered the most amazing friends one could ever have. “This is something I will never, ever, take for granted,” says Max. “It’s is not about the trophies, medals, or awards…it’s all about having FUN.” That’s why we love to help Max GO FAST! Watching him do his thing is just too much fun.