Ross Champion

Jet Ski Free Rider

Age: 29
Location: San Diego, CA
Website: Click Here

I am lucky enough to be a professional PWC freerider. Basically this means that I have the good fortune to be able to make my living traveling around the world for contests and shows, as well as photo, TV, video, and movie shoots.

My sport combines the two things I loved most growing up, surfing and motocross. Surfing with a Super Jet is dream surfing, you have the power to make any section, can catch every set you see, and still pull in to the occasional barrel. On top of that you have the aerial aspect of the sport where I use the waves like a FMX rider would use as ramp.

When I’m home and not training, I spend lots of time surfing and riding moto. I also am a private helicopter pilot and really enjoy flying.